The ATACP annual AGM will take place at the Spring Study Day on 17th March 2018 at The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Putney.

Please see attached documents for Minutes 2017, Agenda 2018 and ATACP Aims.

Proposed change to ATACP Constitution:

The ATACP Committee ask the Membership if Non CSP - Associate Members of the ATACP can be co-opted onto a Sub-Committee of the ATACP (they will not be able to vote) if agreed by the Executive Committee for a period of up to 2 years?


Election of ATACP Committee:

Standing for Re-Election:

Susie Harrison: Since being elected to the committee 3 years ago, I have taken on several roles. As one of the Accredited tutors for the Foundation course, I have been working as part of the education sub-committee, to make improvements to the course and assessment process. 

I am the link between the ATACP and NICE. I review any new proposals and apply for stakeholder status on behalf of the ATACP for any guidelines in which we have an interest. As stakeholders, we are invited to contribute to the development of the guideline, by attending meetings or offering information supporting the inclusion of Aquatic therapy. I hope to continue to raise the profile of Aquatic therapy, by involving our membership in the development of NICE guidelines and standards.

A year ago I also took over the post of Secretary. I have worked to improve the organisation of meetings and communication between the committee members and between the committee and the members. I would like the opportunity to continue to work for the ATACP members in these roles if I am re-elected.

  • Alison Skinner - Treasurer
  • Michelle Wood


Standing for Election:


Julie Dixon (Attending AGM): I have been working as a Chartered Physiotherapist since qualifying in 1994 and began working at Barnet General Hospital as a rotational physiotherapist before joining the neurological team as a Senior II. I was fortunate enough to get a job at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the National Spinal Injuries Centre in 1997. I reduced my working hours in the NHS a few years later to work in a private clinic to treat neurological patients and aquatic physiotherapy in their small hydrotherapy pool. After trying a variety of different specialisms within the spinal unit I landed the best job, running and providing the aquatic physiotherapy treatments to the inpatients within the NSIC as a job share since 2003. My working life now consists of this, plus I still provide private neurological physiotherapy and am a co-owner of a private aquatic physiotherapy company. Most days I feel like I have the best job in the world and it is a privilege being able to provide such an enjoyable treatment to an inspirational client group.

I regularly attend the ATACP study days and assisted hosting the last study day in November at Stoke Mandeville. I, like many others I’m sure, sit there during the AGM, feeling guilty about all the work the Committee does, and are grateful for all their hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Reasons for not assisting them are becoming less and less! E.g. family commitments take up less time now. I need a new challenge, and this might well be it. 

Although I don’t have the social media or IT skills that you may be looking for, I am a quick learner and  I will certainly be able to assist in organising Study Days and getting involved in other commitments that the Committee members have.


Martine Sessions (Attending AGM): 

Having seen the email this morning for the Executive Committee Vacancies I felt that this would be something that I would be very interested in.

I am a member of the CSP and ATACP. I have completed my Foundation, MSK Intermediate and in November 2016 I passed my Accreditation.

I am the Aquatic Therapy Lead for an MSK service at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and I have been in post since July 2015. Previous to this I have been a member of the Aquatic Therapy team since 2012 at both my current Trust and the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham.  In my private practice I have treated both spinal cord and brain injury patients.

As the clinical lead I have strong organisational and leadership skills which I utilise on a daily basis. My organisational skills have been well utilised and challenged as I am currently doing a Part Time MSc in Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy at Birmingham University- there is a strong possibility that next academic year I will be looking at doing my dissertation.

I am familiar with utilising several forms of social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the aforementioned a key area for me to be aware of up and coming research and engaging with professional contacts.

I would like to join the team as I consider myself an advocate for the importance of Aquatic Therapy and it's role in our changing NHS, demonstrating it's value within a complexity and variety of presentations that we see within MSK alone. I feel that my organisational and social media skills could help to continue to push the speciality forwards, hopefully encouraging new graduates to pursue this avenue of postgraduate training.

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