How to join Online

This is the easiest and quickest way to join, using our secure online process.  It typically takes 3-5 minutes (if you already have a CSP website account) and access to ATACP member content on the website is immediate. 

Non-CSP member can join online following these instructions:-

Please register here with any details your wish, you must tick the box that says 'I am not and never have been a CSP member (Qualified, Associate or Student)' and the website will not try and use your membership number. The only thing it will check is whether the email address is already on another website account, if so, please use a different email address.

We use Bacs Direct Debit via our merchant Gocardless, this allows us to collect GBP-denominated payments from a bank account in the United Kingdom only.  Euro denominated and other international payment are currently not accepted through our online payments system.


Membership is open to any Chartered Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy Assistant, Student, Physiotherapy / Hydrotherapy / Aquatic Therapy Department or person who has a special interest in Hydrotherapy / Aquatic Therapy. 
Membership is for a 12 month rolling period.
Membership may be through one of four categories:
A.  Individual membership -  entitles the chartered physiotherapist / physiotherapy assistant to attend study days at a reduced rate and to receive prior notification of study days/events.  Members receive copies of  “Aqualines” as produced (twice per annum), may purchase ATACP publications at a reduced rate and are also entitled to access our Member Only content on our website.  Individual members may vote at the AGM.
B. Departmental membership - is available to physiotherapy / hydrotherapy / aquatic therapy units that have Chartered Physioherapy rotational staff.  One member of staff may attend the study day at the reduced cost, however, the same member of staff may only attend two study days on the departmental membership card. Non rotational hydrotherapy / aquatic therapy staff are expected to join on an individual basis. The department will receive copies of “Aqualines” as produced (twice per annum) and may purchase ATACP publications at a reduced rate. Only the named Departmental therapist is entitled to access Member Only content on our website.  Departmental members are entitled to one vote at the AGM.
C. Associate membership / Student membership  -  is available to any person working in related fields to hydrotherapy / aquatic therapy or physiotherapy students. Entitlements are the same as individual membership, however members do not have a vote at the AGM.
D. Academic Institutions  / Overseas membership - for those academic institutions involved in undergraduate / postgraduate physiotherapy education or those physiotherapists practising hydrotherapy / aquatic therapy outside of the British Isles. Members receive copies of  “Aqualines” as produced (twice per annum) and may purchase ATACP publications at a reduced rate.  However members may not attend the study days at a reduced cost.

Current rates

Individual Membership£20 
Departmental Membership£25 
Associate Membership£20  
Student Membership£15 
Academic / Overseas (outside British Isles)£30


Application form and fee should be sent to: 
ATACP, C/O Leila Brown, Lyncroft, Nower Rd, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 3DJ 

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