The 2024 International Conference on Evidence Based Aquatic Therapy (ICEBAT) UK entitled “The International Brain Wave” organised by the Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (ATACP) in close cooperation with the International Association Aquatic Therapy Faculty (IATF) will take place from 21st June to 23d June 2024 in Winchester, UK.

“The International Brain Wave” title refers to the significant effects aquatic therapy has on brain function, as well as the wave of knowledge that the conference aims to evoke.

The conference will be a mixture of presentations, posters and pool practicals presented by invited speakers from the aquatic therapy field. It aims to be a peer reviewed conference focusing on scientific evidence-based aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy research has increased enormously in recent years and clearly supports the health benefits in various patient groups.

We are confident this conference will strengthen and broaden your Aquatic Therapy knowledge base and look forward to welcoming you. 

2024 ICEBAT Conference Programme


2024 ICEBAT Promo Video






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