ATACP 30th Anniversary Conference AGM

Content will be added here for the benefit of members in the run up to our AGM which is due to be held during our 30th Anniversary Conference on 31st August / 1st September at the Mercure Buford Bridge Hotel, Dorking, Surrey.



ATACP AGM Agenda 31st August 2019




Date / Time




Mercure Burford Bridge Hotel, Dorking, Surrey



1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Minutes of AGM 2018 and matters arising

4. Presentation of Annual Report -Chair (Jacqueline Pattman)

5. Presentation of accounts -Treasurer (Alison Skinner)

6. Appointment of Auditor

7. Election of committee

8. AOB

• Increase in fees for 2020

9. Closing remarks




Date / Time

17/03/18             11.15-12.15


Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Putney



Jaqueline Pattman (JP)

Sarah Wratten (SW)

Alison Skinner (AS)

Ann Thomson (AT)

Susie Harrison (SH)

Michelle Wood (MW)

Sarah Cox (SC)

Sarah McKeown (SM)

Cecilia de Villiers (CV)

Grace Alba-Garcia (GA)

Oliver Krouwel (OK)

Catherine Brown (CB)

Do Heath (DH)


Attendance - 24



Heather Epps (HE)


Those present, Apologies & Mike Maynard

Previous Minutes

Signed as correct.     Proposed: Jo Rice

            Seconded: Michelle Woods




  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of AGM 2017 and matters arising
  4. Presentation of Annual Report -Chair (Jacqueline Pattman)
  5. Presentation of accounts -Treasurer (Alison Skinner)
  6. Appointment of Auditor
  7. Election of committee
  8. Motions to be put to the AGM
    1. non CSP associate members can be co-opted onto a sub-committee for a period of 2 years, (they will not be able to vote).
    2. constitution 6.4 – officers shall hold office for a period agreed by the membership at the AGM. Re-election after 4yrs?
  9. AOB
    1. Aims for ATACP – Sarah Cox
  10. Closing remarks 




Key Discussion Points




Minutes of AGM 2017 have been posted on the website. No matters arising.






Presentation of annual Report – Chair (Jacqueline Pattman)







Presentation of accounts -Treasurer (Alison Skinner)





Accounts  - Proposed – Sarah Cox

                     Seconded -  Julie Dixon




Appointment of Auditor - Proposed Ann Thomson

                                              Seconded Do Heath





Election of committee

3 members of the committee were standing for re-election: Susie Harrison, Alison Skinner, Michelle Wood. Each gave a short re-election statement.

2 members were standing for a place on the committee: Julie Dixon, who was present and gave a short statement and Martine Sessions who was unable to attend but whose statement was read out by Jackie Pattman.

All members standing were elected unopposed.

Roles to be discussed at next committee meeting.



SM to update website.

SH to send info to new committee members re. next meeting and check contact info for email list.

1 month




1 week


Motions to be put to the AGM

a.    non CSP associate members can be co-opted onto a sub-committee for a period of 2 years, (they will not be able to vote).


Prior to voting Jackie Pattman clarified who is able to vote.

After discussion it was agreed by the members present that wording should be “for a period of up to 2 years then reviewed”.

Vote – carried. Unanimous by all members present.


b.    constitution 6.4 – officers shall hold office for a period agreed by the membership at the AGM. Re-election after 4yrs?

The constitution currently does not state a time period, 4 years was agreed by those present.


Vote – carried. Unanimous by all members present.


















SH to update constitution



















Pool Design Document

Sarah Cox asked for opinion on sale/distribution of the 30 page pool design doc.

There was discussion over whether this should be free to members or have a nominal charge. Copywrite and the difficulty of policing distribution of an electronic download was discussed. It was suggested there should be some hard copies and various charges to non-members were discussed as this may be a way to gain some revenue.

It was put to a vote whether the members would be happy for this to be decided at the next committee meeting pending further discussion. Vote - unanimous apart from 1 abstention.


Aims for ATACP – Sarah Cox

Sarah explained that the aims for ATACP were reviewed in January 2018 by the committee and that a list had been put on the website.


Certificate presentation

Sarah McKeown – Foundation Accreditation

Susan Booth – Tutor Accreditation








SH to put on agenda for May committee meeting







1 month


ATACP 5 yr goals updated 05/06/19

• Collate evidence from all agencies for assisting a cost benefit calculator for Aquatic Pools. Working with the CSP and appropriate funding to ensure as many pools stay open.  

• Devise, promote and collate a questionnaire on Undergraduate Aquatic Physiotherapy training. 
• satisfaction questionnaire to ATACP membership by the next AGM.  

• Publish Pool Design document.

• Clarify and set out the ATACP’s position on endorsement, advertising, collaborations and working practice. In order to maintain our personal intellectual property rights and our expertise within the sharing ethos and collaborative that is the ATACP committee. 

• Provide promotion and marketing material on Aquatic Physiotherapy.  Some of these may be available as a download on the members only area of the website.


Statements for Election / Re-election to ATACP Committee 2019;

Heather Epps PhD MSc MCSP HT

I am standing for re-election onto the ATACP committee 31st August 2019 because I feel I have ideas, knowledge and experience to share with the committee and membership. I have and continue to contribute specifically in the areas of pool design, education, research and promoting Aquatic Physiotherapy. 

I am an accredited Bobath Trained and Aquatic Physiotherapist, and have been an aquatic physiotherapist since 1991. I am currently building my own pool for community use having achieved change of use, heritage and conservation approval, and planning permission (this has taken over one year and included many public consultations, which has enabled me to raise the profile of aquatic physiotherapy throughout the community). Once the pool is built, and due to its high community use and benefit, I will be looking at press and radio coverage to raise the profile of aquatic physiotherapy even further. 

I have lectured on the subject nationally and internationally. I received the Robert Williams award for meritorious papers at the world congress of physiotherapy for my work in hydrotherapy (part of my PhD). I am an accredited tutor and examiner for the ATACP. I currently provide Aquatic Physiotherapy treatment, consultancy (pool design, problem solving for health care services and educational establishments, individual programmes designed, taught and when appropriate delivered), teaching, designing and delivering courses and have directed and produced 4 aquatic therapy training DVD’s (2 on foundation skills and 2 in special needs and neurodisability). I have led and sat on the trial management committee for multi-centred research trials into the clinical and cost effectiveness of aquatic physiotherapy and published articles on the effects of hydrotherapy and the pool as a multi-sensory environment, the cost effectiveness of hydrotherapy and clinical effectiveness in DMD and the clinical and cost effectiveness in JIA. In 2009 I organised the Aquaepps conference in advanced aquatic therapy in special needs with speakers from around the UK, at the Institute of Child Health in London. In 2014 I organised the Children’s Neuro Physio conference whereby I keynote presented “The benefits and accessibility of Hydrotherapy in Cerebral Palsy and Acquired Brain Injury”. Between 2017 and 2018 I presented at the annual conferences for the ACPPLD, the APCP and the ATACP. 

I hope my experience and commitment to aquatic physiotherapy will enable me to be re-elected onto the committee to continue to work on behalf of the membership.


Hollie Hazon-Dodd BA BSc

I am standing for re-election onto the ATACP committee 31st August 2019 because as a newly qualified student I hope that I will be able to share my experiences with the committee and raise the profile of aquatic therapy and the benefits of accredited training among the student population. 

Whilst studying, I started a small business teaching swimming which has successfully been trading for 3 years, and I hope to share my experience of running a business, including the use of social media and online marketing to promote the ATACP, increase membership and attendance at courses. 

I completed the Foundation Aquatic Therapy course whilst at my second year of university and look forward to developing these skills over the next few years. I have an interest in getting involved with research projects exploring aquatic therapy going forward, and completed my dissertation ‘The prevalence of Scapular Dyskinesis in competitive swimmers compared to non -swimmers’ with Dr Martin Warner at the University of Southampton and hope to continue to be involved in projects going forward. 

I hope my experience and commitment to Aquatic Therapy will benefit the committee by increasing exposure and developing the profile of the ATACP.


Oliver Krouwel 

Olly has been a qualified physiotherapist for over 10 years with a wide range of experience and has always worked hard to expand his knowledge and share good practice. Clinically he works in a variety of environments including for the NHS as a Pain Specialist, privately in MSK and Aquatic Physiotherapy as well as supporting University of Brighton by providing short term lecturing for the Physiotherapy coursewhen needed. He has published research on treatment methods of lower back pain, patella femoral pain syndrome, and Multiple Sclerosis. 

Olly is passionate about aquatic physiotherapy and dedicated to improve service provision as well as promoting best practice. With the increased squeeze on funding and services often aquatic physiotherapy is overlooked, or cut altogether, we need to challenge this and gaining evidence of effective services is key. As research lead I would encourage clinicians to publish audits, and help wherever we can in the publication and dissemination of good practice.


Catherine Brown

I have worked in MSK out-patients and aquatic therapy for fifteen years and I am clinical lead at Good Hope Hospital which is part of University hospital BirminghamFoundation Trust. I work mainly with adult MSK conditions but do have the opportunity to work with out-patient neurological conditions that use the pool facility to help manage their conditions. I feel that aquatic therapy is a very beneficial but often underused treatment modality and I endeavour to strive to promote this treatment to ensure that it remains an integral part of out- patient therapy in the future.

I have been fortunate enough to sit on the ATACP committee first as a co-opt and then as a fully elected member for the last eleven years. My current position is as the exam officer. I co-ordinate the accredited foundation exam alongside Alison Skinnerand Ann Thompson. My role is to liaise with study day facilitators, tutors and candidates to take both practical and theory exams. I also liaise with exam candidates and tutors with regards to handing in and marking of case studies. It is an evolving role and should I be lucky enough to be re-elected onto the committee I would very much like to continue to develop the role and smooth running of the exam.

I have also taken on the role of Aqualines editor. This will involve liaising with speakers to write a short piece on their work and publish it in Aqualines. I would like the opportunity to try the challenge of editing Aqualines.



I trained at Kings College Hospital, London and  have worked as a physiotherapist for 33 years, for the last 29 years specialising within Paediatrics. My scope of work has included  the NHS, Independent Practice and more recently with a Children’s Hospice Charity in East Anglia.

I am married with three adult daughters and two step-children, one having a severe learning disability. We enjoy swimming together as a family as it is so inclusive for us all.

I have developed my role within aquatic therapy over the last 25 years, participating in the aquatic therapy  service at the local hospital, and developing a service at the three hospice sites. 

A new  purpose built hospice with a hydrotherapy pool in Norfolk is about to be opened, and my role is to train care staff ,to write and update policies and procedures to support the service and provide aquatic therapy to the diverse group of children and young people who have life limiting conditions. I also work alongside a Sensory Integration Practice within my Independent Practice. My area of expertise is within complex disability and palliative care, supportingchildren, young people and their families.

Having benefitted from training with Heather Epps, I was introduced to ATACP a few years ago and now feel in a position to be able to support the work of the Association, if elected onto the committee and  to also  benefit  from the extensive knowledge  and experience there.

I have always been passionate about the role of aquatic therapy with children  and young people as a way of rehabilitating through exercise and play, and encouraging professionals and carers to participate. 

It would be a privilege to be part of developing the work further, to promote safe and effective aquatic therapy within the profession and to other professionals through ATACP.

Ann Thomson  MBE, MSc,FCSP, FMMACP, MUniv, Dip TP

I am standing for election because I have been co-opted to the committee since 2013 to advise on education. This principally involves advising and assisting with the Assessments for the Foundation course and the ATACP Tutor Course. The original plan was to ‘advise for a year or two’ and I have not felt that it was my responsibility to change or update the education work of the ATACP. 

As a full committee member, I would like to take responsibility for presenting ideas to and getting agreement from the Committee to innovate or up date ATACP education e.g. documenting the roles of Mentor, Assessor and ensuring that the Courses are evaluated,standardised and quality assured. My experience in Physiotherapy Education and Aquatic Therapy covers 37 years teaching at theMiddlesex Hospital School of Physiotherapy including teaching and assessing Aquatic Therapy. I co- edited Duffield’s Exercise in Water published by Bailliere Tindall in 1983 (needs updating!). The University College London MSc in Advanced Physiotherapy started in 1992 and I was Post Graduate Physiotherapy Director until 2008 when the Programme and I transferred to Kings College London. My aquatic activities continued from 1997, as an examiner for the Aquatic Therapy Bath Course and as a Recognised International Halliwick Association Senior lecturer. In the Queen’s Birthday Honours June 2019, I received the award of MBE for services to Physiotherapy education and exercise for disabled swimmers.