The Association for Physiotherapist working with People with Learning disabilities (ACPPLD) have launched ‘Standards of Practice’ for the professional network

Year published: 2019

The standards of practice have been developed in response to wide variations in the provision of the learning disability physiotherapy across the UK. In response, the standards aim to improve and standardise the delivery and commissioning of specialist physiotherapy to adults with a learning disability.

The new definition of specialist learning disability physiotherapy is:

"Learning disability physiotherapists provide specialist assessment, treatment and management to adults with a learning disability whose needs cannot be successfully met by mainstream services, even when reasonable adjustments are made. Physiotherapists will work in collaboration with the person, their network of care, mainstream health services, and the multidisciplinary team to enhance, optimise and maintain the person’s physical presentation, function and quality of life."

We recognise that aquatic therapy is an important modality for Learning disability physiotherapists to use to successfully meet the physiotherapy needs and goals of adults with a learning disability. There are a number of recommendation and a dedicated section for the use of aquatic therapy within the document.

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